23-11-16 Maarten Mestrom
“ Gerijpt meesterschap bij Osiris Trio”

20-05-2015 Eindhovens Dagblad, Marjolijn Sengers
“De noten bevestigen de mooie woorden”

19-05-2015 Eindhovens Dagblad, Marjolijn Sengers
“Muziek is de basis van alle kunsten”

28-05-2014 Opus Klassiek
That the Osiris trio has recorded an album full with Dutch music is no small milestone. Here's to the next twenty-five years!"
02-05-2014 Opus Klassiek
"A real asset this album!"
26-02-2014 De Gelderlander
"As if you are sitting in the front row at the concert hall face to face with the artist. Perfect timing and a playing style ensures severe involvement gives the Osiris Trio a unique status."
03-02-2014 Luister
"Luister 10: "The notes balance attractively between energetic and stilled""
15-01-2014 Musicframes
""A good kick off for the next 25 years!""
08-11-2013 Mania
The Osiris Trio, [...], put whit this interpretation bright interpretation  two beautiful works  down from the beginning of the last century"
06-06-2013 Akkoord Magazine
"De leden van het Osiris Trio hebben al 25 jaar een goed muzikaal huwelijk. "
08-12-2011 Cittadino, Italy
"It was a pleasure to recover our national spirit, one of a homeland with a heart, without territorial boundaries in the music. We still have a preference for open melodies, which simplicity never becomes trivial, and which keeps the passionate rhetorics full of fair aspirations.

ci fa piacere ritrovare il nostro spirito nazionale ­ di una patria del cuore, prima che dei confini territoriali nella musica. Sul pentagramma resistono i fossili del nostro gusto per l’aperto melodiare, per una semplicità mai banale, per l’ap­ passionata retorica intinta di fiere aspirazioni.
Elide Bergamaschi, Cittadino, dicembre 2011"
12-09-2011 Luister
""All things put together we can conclude that this is an attractive CD for listeners who want something different than the traditional repertoire and want to wallow for an hour in beautiful, famous opera melodies."
Marjolijn Sengers, Luister, September/October 2011"
18-07-2011 Akkoord Magazine
"Het resultaat is een cd vol sentiment en pathos, vaak uiterst zangerig, zoals een opera betaamt. En daarbij zo direct opgenomen dat de cello zijn woordenloze boodschap sensueel in je oor lijkt te fluisteren." Akkoord Magazine - Aug-Sept

"The result is a CD full of sentiment and pathos, often very melodious, as it befits an opera. The recording is very direct and in that way the cello seems to sensually whisper its wordless message in your ear." Akkoord Magazine - Aug-Sept"