17-10-2017, Den Haag, Diligentia, time: 20:15
Osiris Trio
J. Haydn, Pianotrio in G groot, XV:25, All’Ongarese
D. Shostakovich, Pianotrio Nr. 2 opus 67
F. Schubert Pianotrio Nr. 2 in Es groot, D929 opus 100

19-10-2017, Amsterdam Stadsarchief, time:17:00
“Dit is mijn boek” Joodse exlibriscultuur in Nederland
J.S. Bach- Suite No. 5 in c mineur, BWV 1011, Prelude
P. Vasks- Dass Buch- dolcissimo                
O. van Geel- North Adams

22-10-2017 Amsterdam, Conservatorium Haitinkzaal,
time 15.30

with Frank van de Laar
 G. Von Brucken Fock Cellosonate  

25-10-2017, Leidschendam, Het Veur Theater, time 20:30
with Frank van de laar
J.Dove- Prayer- Wheel
J.S. Bach- Suite No. 5 in c mineur, BWV 1011
O. van Geel North Adams
P. Vasks- Das Buch
L. von Beethoven- Sonate A major, opus 69
S. Tsintsadze- First Piece on Folk Themes for cello and piano (1950) Villain's Song on a Carriage 

28-10-2017 Oostzaan, Grote Kerk time 20:00
Osiris Trio
F. Schubert- Pianotrio Nr. 2 in Es groot, D929 opus 100
A. Dvorak- Piano trio opus 65



review in the Strad (01-09-2016 Janet Banks) 
" this poetic partnership””...
"Groeneveld plays the turbulent opening movement with passionate conviction and a full-bodied sound"....
"Groeneveld executes the delicately hovering spiccato notes in the Mendelssohnian scherzo with precision and grace.”....

review in Gramophone (March 2016 Charlotte Gardner)
“The real triumph, though, is the Lied. Here Groeneveld tones herself down to a tender softness, although retaining the Humoresque’s strength for the crescendos, and it’s hard to imagine this tiny gem singing more under another cellist’s fingertips.”
“Zemlinsky’s A minor Sonata brings more warm, predominantly smooth, expansive readings from Groeneveld, always in perfect communion with van der Laar, who for his part is generous with the pedal but never at the expense of definition.”

review in Classic News (25.12.2015 par Alban Deags)
“Superbe et somptueuse sensibilité artistique que celle de la violoncelliste Larissa Groeneveld qui signe ici un album d’une maturité filigranée, sertie d’intelligence et de profondeur sans effet ni diluation..."