for us cellists the invention of the century: the “RE” endpin

The “Resonance Endpin” is a real masterpiece. I am completely amazed by the sound improvement my cello gets, so much richer and deeper. The projection facilities are larger and more vibrant.
This new cello string inside of the endpin, is really something very special – for us cellists I believe it’s the invention of this century.
The cellist Matthias Lehmann had the idea for the development of this “Resonance Endpin”. If you would like to order one yourself, please contact Matthias Lehmann: Lehmann@Streicherklang or phone: 0049 179 240 3242f

photo: Ronald Knapp

cd with Frank van de Laar
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review in Gramophone
March 2016 Charlotte Gardner

“The real triumph, though, is the Lied. Here Groeneveld tones herself down to a tender softness, although retaining the Humoresque’s strength for the crescendos, and it’s hard to imagine this tiny gem singing more under another cellist’s fingertips.”
“Zemlinsky’s A minor Sonata brings more warm, predominantly smooth, expansive readings from Groeneveld, always in perfect communion with van der Laar, who for his part is generous with the pedal but never at the expense of definition.”

Words and Song Without Words for cello solo of Yannis Kiriakides

won the International Composers Rostrum Prize 2014
a prestigious prize given once a year from the world's radio stations  [whole text] 


a documentary Ditteke Mensink made about the solo piece of Yannis Kyriakides
a. o. the work of Yannis Kyriakides “Words and song without words” ( 2012) for cello solo and electronics, world première Larissa Groeneveld- cello,  Amsterdam, Cello Biennale

review in the Strad
01-09-2016 Janet Banks

“Zemlinsky’s A minor Sonata of 1894 receives an especially enriching performance from this poetic partnership””..." Groeneveld plays the turbulent opening movement with passionate conviction and a full-bodied sound, and endows the lovely Allegretto finale with elegance and charm. The Three Pieces, more Schumannesque in mood, are arresting and beautifully characterised.”....”The Dutch duo are also strong advocates for Dohnányi’s 1899 Sonata. Full-throttle playing is required throughout the expansive first movement, with both musicians pushed to their limits, and the spacious recording gives depth and resonance to the sound. Groeneveld executes the delicately hovering spiccato notes in the Mendelssohnian scherzo with precision and grace.”

review in Classic News
25.12.2015 par Alban Deags

“Superbe et somptueuse sensibilité artistique que celle de la violoncelliste Larissa Groeneveld qui signe ici un album d’une maturité filigranée, sertie d’intelligence et de profondeur sans effet ni diluation : les phrasés sont finement ciselés, et le rubato d’une liberté de ton particulièrement précis qui lui permet de sentir de l’intérieur, la grande versatilité expressive des œuvres sélectionné Zemlinsky: texture vif argent, crépusculaire et d’un post romantique brahmsien d’une totale finesse d’intonation qui sait- magistralement éviter toute surenchère et tout pathos. La subtilité et la mesure de la violoncelliste sont irrésistibles.”…” Super récital chambriste."

review in Volkskrant 9-12-15, ****

review in Volkskrant 9-12-15, ****

cd Osiris Trio

with Gerrie de Vries
composers: Diderik Wagenaar, Klaas de Vries, Oene van Geel and Bob Zimmerman

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China tour Osiris Trio
from 19-11-15 until 20-11-15